Wine Cellar


A story that has
distant roots

“I want to show to everyone that we are able to produce great wines that people will appreciate.
The land where we live possesses something precious that we still do not understand”

Mongolfiera Mongolfiera

...“Dear Papà, it is with great honour that I accept to follow the company that you have created in a lifetime of hard work!”...

For some time, my father produced grapes, which were delivered to the wine cooperative, and a modest quantity of the fruit was sold in the local markets.
It was a small typical, Piedmontese farm, of about 4 - 5 hectares of land.

In 1976 he asked me if I wanted to take over the reins of the company. In mutual agreement with my wife Giuliana I started out on this great adventure...

From the beginning I concentrated on the work among the rows of vines, convinced that the vineyard had to be grown with love and dedication to obtain good wines, establishing an intense bond of continuous exchange with the land to understand the needs of the vine at all times of the year
Hence the dream of producing great wines took shape in the only possible,way acquiring large vineyards



The Wine Cellar Today

Today Domenico is a star: his name "Clerico" has been given to an asteroid that flies over our heads, over our lives, another merry-go-round of what has been, and continues to be, one of the greatest Langhe producers.

Today, Giuliana, the woman who from the very first day saw the birth of the wine cellar and has cultivated the project with Domenico, carries on their name, strongly supported by the team that has always sustained them, for a glowing tomorrow and full of good reasons to toast with a great Barolo! Cheers!

“Domenico has left us a great gift, the desire to always look ahead and imagine the future, within the traditions of our Langhe and the constant desire to improve”

Nuvola Nuvola