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March 17, 2014

Vinitaly 2014

We will be at Vinitaly from 6 to 9 April:

February 6, 2014

Visits/tastings at the winery

The visits/tastings take place from Monday to Friday
by appointment at no. +39 0173.78171

October 12, 2013

Harvest 2013: nebbiolo

We collected the last of the Barbera in the morning, and immediately following, in the afternoon, we picked the Nebbiolo Capisme-e.

As the Nebbiolo ripened, we went to pick. In this way, we followed vineyard after vineyard (in order: Pajana, Bussia, Mosconi, Ciabot Mentin) uninterrupted until we finished on Sunday, October 20, crushing the grapes coming from Serralunga.

It was an incredible week: sunny and hot during the day, cold and humid at night. Nebbiolo was saying thanks and the producers had big smiles on their faces.

This year was hard: a rainy and difficult spring, a mild summer, but an exceptional autumn! But Domenico has known for a long time, and he remembers that, as always, to really evaluate a season in the vineyard, you need to wait for the grapes to be fermenting in the winery…

October 9, 2013

Harvest 2013: barbera

Finally the harvest of Barbera! While three days of rain had postponed picking, the grapes had achieved great size and maturity. You have never seen such perfect Barbera!

September 23, 2013

Harvest 2013: dolcetto

The first day of harvest: Dolcetto. According to Domenico, it was the latest of his harvests over the past 20 years: maturation of the grapes exceptional, wonderful weather, and fingers crossed that it held until the picking of Nebbiolo…

Summer 2013

Will the heat arrive?

In the same way as springtime passed slowly with mild temperatures, so did the summer. The temperatures dropped drastically at the end of August, slowing down the evolution of Dolcetto, but favoring a healthy maturation, both long and complete.

So why would we need 35C/100F temperatures and 80% humidity…?

May 2013

Domenico's world tour

If the vineyard goes slowly, Domenico goes strong. He joined up with Luciano in New York for four days, then a 17 hour flight took them to Hong Kong. They continued on for Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, and then Singapore, before returning home to Italy.

After eight years since his last visit in Asia, Domenico found so many new and old friends anticipating his visit.

Spring 2013

Going slowly

The winter, while mild and with little snow, was really long. It seemed like it might advance to be a year "like some time ago:" long with the harvest at the end of October.

In fact, the rainy and cool springtime supported this notion, as it slowly evolved with some difficulty managing the vineyards.

October 19, 2012

New World Wine Experience 2012

After many years of absence, Domenico returned to the USA, to Los Angeles, where he participated in the New World Wine Experience 2012 by Wine Spectator, and spoke about his Barolo, Ciabot Mentin Ginestra 2006, number eight in the Top 100 of 2011.

His tour continued with visits to old friends in Boulder, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois—for the first time ever!

September 2012

Let's be merry, it's harvest time!

The break is over: harvest time has come!

We opened the show on September 5th with Dolcetto, followed right away by Barbera, which was surprisingly very rich in sugar but with great acidity. The picking was slightly delayed by a few small rain showers, but the Nebbiolo is almost ready. We started harvesting at the Bussia on Friday the 28th. Pajana will be next and all the others to follow, ending at the Badarina of Serralunga on October 8th.

We are happy and proud to have brought home another great vintage!

Summer 2012

Heat and low yields

We experienced one of the most sweltering summers ever, with an average temperature of 32-35°C for two months! Because of the heat and how long it lasted, harvest got pushed forward a bit because the grapes were ripening faster than anticipated.  However, the grapes are extremely healthy and the balance is still there.

 They are rich, even with a 20% lower production. Luckily our region did not suffer any lack of water, as others did.

Spring 2012

It is necessary to spray?

After a very dry and warm winter (with a two week break of polar temperature: the thermometer went down to – 24°C), spring time has arrived and it is already very rainy and humid. These are the ideal conditions for diseases to spread very quickly throughout the vineyards.

We are always aware of what is happening, so we caught it on time and blocked the disease by spraying correctly. Domenico lives in the vineyard daily, so he always knows when and if he needs to spray or not.

December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Here we are, at last: the Tasting Room is finished, and the winery is officially complete!

We celebrate the completion with a toast to the holiday, Christmas wishes and the cutting of the Panettone...

September 19, 2011

The Nebbiolo harvest begins

On 19 September, harvesting finally began of the Nebbiolo destined for Langhe Nebbiolo wine, following on the 20th by Nebbiolo for Arte. Then on the 23rd, the curtain goes up on the Nebbiolo for Barolo at Pajana, ending on 30 September at Serralunga.

The 2011 harvest is one of the most important we can remember, for two main reasons – the extraordinary quality of the perfectly ripe grapes, but above all, the weather conditions. There was plenty of rain and sun, but also long periods of greatly fluctuating temperatures up to mid-August, after which the hot and sultry weather normal for that time of year took over.

September 11, 2011

A heaven-sent rain

On Sunday 11 September work in the vineyard was abruptly slowed down due to a heaven-sent rainy morning, much welcomed and indispensible. This was a master-stroke that led to a big difference between the day and the night temperatures and reinvigorated the water-thirsty grapes.

September 4, 2011

We are harvesting the Barbera

On 4 September we start with the Barbera and on the 7th the press stops for a short break to wait for the Nebbiolo.

1 September 2011

The harvest starts

Domenico gathers the first bunch of Dolcetto at Calié, and the harvest starts. In three days all the grapes have been pressed.

July 2011

Finally, the new winery

It was four years ago, in July 2007, that work started. Now, July 2011, we move into the new winery.

The long-awaited move took four days of precise, meticulously organized comings and goings. From the steel tanks to the barriques, various pieces of machinery and finally, the bottles, everything was transferred to Domenico Clerico Azienda Agricola's new kingdom

The following week, the show got under way with bottling, a crucial time in the life of our winery.

Now we are really busy, and the winery is coming to life day after the day.